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Travel the world with these Classic Naturist DVDs  ... Part 1 (of 3)

Part 1 ... Learn the Inside Story of Nudism
and Go Naked in Canada.

PLUS ... Enjoy the antics of Julie as she explores naturism in
"Educating Julie,"
a full-length nudist movie.

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or ... in Part 3... Travel the globe ...

Meet the au natural Europeans; 
golf nude in Down Under;
or go on a naked safari in (South) Africa!

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The International Collection titles
represent and honor the works of the late

David Ball

As the British producer of the Heritage Video International Series, Introduction to Social Nudism, and a card-carrying nudist for over thirty years, David Ball was noted as "the" premier nudist/naturist videographer since 1984. 

He enjoyed a well-earned reputation for integrity and for producing the most entertaining and highest quality videos on this subject.  As such, he gained the recognition and the respect of the nudist community allowing him unique access to the many clubs and locales seen in these videos.   His British wit and humor compliment this interesting and exciting viewing experience. 

Watch that elephant's trunk!   Where's it going? 
See the answer in Part 3.

Why do folks enjoy clothes-free recreation?

Nudism – The Inside Story!

Nudism, the Inside Story, produced exclusively for Sun-Dressed Marketing, takes the viewer on an overview of the many places visited in the Heritage Video series. The one-hour presentation features much of David’s work.  His in-depth analysis adds perspective to the mysteries of social nudism. Discover the real world of social nudism. Visit naturist clubs and parks around the world as this compilation introduces you to first-time nudists as well as avid, long-time naturists. Learn the history of social nudism from its early days in Europe; then fly naked in a hot air balloon, pet lions in Africa, and scuba dive in the Mediterranean. This video may not only change the way you feel about your body, but could change your whole life as well.
(rt ~ 60 minutes)

  Stock #101 NIS ... $29.95

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The ONLY full-length feature film promoting nudism!

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   Educating Julie

Meet Julie. In Heritage Video’s very first naturist feature film, "Educating Julie", Julie goes from a shy college student to a fully participating nudist, first in England, then on to Cap D’agde, a complete nudist town in France, and finally to a classy resort in Florida. Produced in 1984, this fun-filled story of a first-time nudist is now considered a collector’s item. "A true classic" and a great bargain!

"Educating Julie," the world’s FIRST naturist full feature film is now on DVD. Julie, a student assigned to write a report on English nudists, is initially teased by her classmates about the subject. However, on her first visit, Julie finds she fits right in. Not so her cocky boyfriend, who drops out of the project in embarrassment. Julie then discovers the nudist city in France and another in Florida. She’s not shy anymore.
(rt ~ 105 min.)

Julie and her beau

  Stock #114 EJ
... $35.00


Includes Family Portraits #1 ...155 min.

Oh Canada ... the land of green and youth
Promo Special ... SAVE $30 on both Canada DVDs - only $79.95 Canada Stock # CN1/CN2 ... 2-DVD Set

The Film, part one

Probably the most beautiful and youthful nudist film ever made. Canadian nudists are younger overall, which means more children involved in this breathtaking naturist video. Set in Eastern Canadian nudist resorts and locations, you’ll share in nude golf, an amazing rescue in a river, nude dancing, waterfall teens, a nude rock concert and lots of happy kids.
(rt ~ 60 min.)

  $49.95 Stock #116 CN-1


The Film, part two

The youthful odyssey continues with further visits in Eastern Canada resorts. Thrill with teenagers flying through the forest on their bikes at Air-Soleil, meet Teenage Miss Nude, enjoy Western Day at the Oasis, a winter swim in Montreal and indoor games at Glen Echo. All framed by magnificent scenery of Quebec and Montreal.  (rt ~ 60 min.)

Stock #117 CN-2 ... $59.95

Promo Special ... SAVE $30 on both Canada DVDs - only $79.95 Canada Stock # CN1/CN2 ... 2-DVD Set
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