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They say massage soothes the body and the soul ...
in this series the focus is on learning the techniques

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TOUCH is also an important aspect of overall health.  We all need the compassionate and
healing human touch.

Most available in both DVD and VHS formats

from EV-51


EV-35  See more photos

Bodywork/Touch '94

Family gym workout and trampoline fun followed by massage instruction and practice.
Seen in *PV-3

DVD:  74 minutes - VHS:  55 minutes

Additional photos in Gymnastic Activities

DVD - $60.00

VHS - $50.00

EV-51-MASSAGE4e.jpg (99721 bytes)

EV-51  See more photos

Natura Massage Class

Family massage instruction, pool playfulness, birthday party.

DVD:  104 minutes - VHS:  85 minutes

DVD - $60.00

The following videos were filmed in England and are taught in English

See more here!

MV-209D ~ 103 minutes

The Art of Nude Massage Vol. 1 & 2

Special ... 2 for 1
Double Volume


TOUCH is an important aspect to overall health.

We all need the compassionate, if not also the passionate,  human touch. Learn how giving a loving massage can restore both partners.
(see more photos)

Only available thru PayPal or mail-in order



*As seen in Preview Series

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